Affiliate Services

We know it takes a wide range of skill sets to successfully bring a product to market, here are four services we recommend for assisting your business.

GPI has been proud to build a company with many services under the same roof, assisting our client base in bringing a product to market from the idea stage to the store shelf.   As we prepare to finish out 2023 and look forward to 2024, GPI has made the decision to concentrate on our core business of manufacturing, sourcing, safety testing and freight forwarding.  We are thrilled to say this decision has provided the opportunity for three of our staff to open their own businesses,  providing product development, graphic design, and consulting services to our industry.  To discuss your company’s specific needs and get a quote, follow the links below or ask your GPI Account Manager to make an introduction.

Product Development

Good Egg Creative Co. is here to help you every step of the way, from ideation to delivering the finished product into the hands of consumers. We’ve assembled a collective of some of the most well-respected and talented creatives and business professionals from multiple industries (the “good eggs,” if you will), all at your service to make your life easier.

Graphic Design

Ryan Noonan has decades of experience in consumer product design.  With expertise spanning from full package design, product design, captivating illustrations and impactful logos, Ryan’s talents will help your company and products stand out.

Business Consulting

Tamic Strategies will help your company overcome its growth challenges and set you on the path to success.  Providing Business Strategy & Operations Consulting, Fractional Sales Management, Branding & Marketing Strategy and Product Line Strategy, Tamic will help accelerate your growth in the toy, game, and gift industries!

Kickstarter Fulfillment

The GPI x Floship teams can work to seamlessly transition a campaign through numerous logistics steps saves so much time, not to mention ensures that the process is executed flawlessly since it’s in the hands of people that do this for a living rather than someone trying to figure out the complicated process themselves for the first time. It’s a crucial step in managing a successful campaign and the combined GPI x Floship team is ready to get to work on your behalf.  Ask your GPI Account Manager if your KS campaign would benefit from this collaboration.  A

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