Group of Playtesters
Playtesting a tabletop board game

Do you love playing games and want to know how they go from inspiration to publication? Well, this program is for you! GPI works to manufacture many of your favorite games from publishers like Big G Creative, The OP, Bananagrams, Tenzi, Steve Jackson, and more! We also work with many of these publishers to develop their games and that’s where you come in.

As a playtester for GPI, you will join us for digital playtests using programs such as Tabletop Simulator and/or Tabletopia. Once signed up, e-mails for different games will be sent to you along with dates and times for the playtest. If you’re available, fill in the form attached to the e-mail and we will confirm that you have a digital seat at the table for that game. At times Print & Play versions will also be available to playtest on your own time.

After the play session, a GPI point-person will lead a Q&A on the game. Then send out a brief feedback form for you to fill out. Tell us how you liked the game, what didn’t work for you, and anything else you can think of. For every 30 minutes of playtesting you do receive 5 GPI Points! These points can be turned in to receive one of the many games and products we manufacture at GPI.

We then share your feedback with the publishers so they can adjust their games accordingly to get it to its print-ready perfection!

Before we welcome you to the GPI playtest family, please take the time to fill out this survey below as it will help us place you in the appropriate type of playtesting group in the future.

Thank you for your interest in playtesting for GPI and all the Publishers we work with!

If interested fill out this quick Playtester Form by clicking here!

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