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 Manufacturing in China and Vietnam for over 40 years.

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Board Game Manufacturing 

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Mass Production

High-quality, turn-key custom manufacturing is the core of what we do. We’re well versed in a wide variety of manufacturing processes, complicated assembly requirements and quality control measures.

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Project Management

With decades of experience in preproduction planning, production scheduling, and logistics, our ability to get products manufactured as planned, on schedule, and within budget is second to none.

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Product Sourcing

Looking for something unique? Our Hong Kong office is especially suited to find products, components, and materials throughout a wide network of suppliers overseas.

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Safety Testing

We work directly with several of the world’s most reliable accredited 3rd party labs to make sure that your product meets the latest industry safety standards regardless of your distribution territory.

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Freight Forwarding

Logistics coordination can make or break a product release. We coordinate overseas shipping around the world and can get your product where it needs to be when it needs to be there.

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Bananagrams and GPI have been working together since the inception of our original game! The GPI team has always offered wonderful help and guidance on every level and has never let us down. I am happy to say the relationship has blossomed into many long friendships that I believe we all value very much.

Rena Nathanson
Top Banana, Bananagrams

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